Apppli's Close Quarters: An Intern's View

After only three weeks at Apppli, the fact that I feel assertive enough to inform you of my insights of this fantastic group of people either shows a frivolous and somewhat worrying sense of self-confidence or proof that I have been truly astounded by the acumen and work ethic employed here.

The evident chemistry between the various members of the team is aided by the office layout; proximity is key. Frankly, it’s much easier to discuss something face to face across a table than it is shouting across a busy room. As such, a deliberate move has been made for the whole team to congregate around one table and the magnitudes, by which the productivity has increased, are enormous. This is one of the things I’ve loved about working with the Apppli team, not just having the expertise on strategy, marketing and technology in the same building, but the facility to ask for it within a metre of your desk.

And the expertise isn’t just theoretical. You really get a sense that everyone at Apppli knows how people interact in everyday life, the essential skill for marketing. This isn’t just another app development company that consists of a bunch of stern geeks, this is a team of fascinating and delightful individuals who have done a terrific job in introducing me to the world of business and technology.

When I arrived, with not an ounce of programming knowledge (or really any useful, relevant knowledge for that matter), developing an app and marketing it sounded like a daunting task at the very least. With their guidance, in spite of the technological pariah that I was, I have had a great overview in making and marketing an app, an experience that, having previously regretted eating three weeks of my summer holiday, I would not have missed for the world.

Harry Smouha

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