Apps that Make Us Go Wow

Of the million apps in the app stores, few treat your mobile phone as anything else but a social tool or a time wasting (but fun) distraction. Even fewer apps integrate neatly into your everyday activities to make your life at least slightly better, easier or more efficient. That is why August Smart Lock struck us as quite a revolutionary and refreshingly simple app. In fact, we think that mobile phones were invented to make apps like this possible.

So then, what does August Smart Lock actually do? It allows you to control your home’s lock (or any lock) remotely via a smartphone app and provide a time stamped log of everyone entering or exiting a building. If not impressed yet, think of the countless use case scenarios when this app can come in handy: your in-laws visiting for a day or two; your cleaning person getting access to your home during certain hours; entering your office building without key fobs or access cards; knowing who and when enters a certain building without needing a doorman or any access monitoring systems.

Not sure why this is great? Check , watch their video and let us know whether you agree this is a must-have.


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