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IoT World Champions 2015

We're thrilled to have been crowned winners of the prestigious IoT World Hackathon - Best Solution for Industry 4.0 - in Berlin this week.

Apple Watch:Just a Phone Accessory?

Who’s excited about Apple’s WatchOS2 update launching this autumn? I, for one, am still not convinced. At the moment the Apple Watch is nothing more than a very expensive phone accessory. Will WatchOS2 change this??

IoT & the Internet of Seals

We’ve seen how projects such as Harvard’s connected forest are making discoveries about climate change. But 71% of our earth’s surface is covered by ocean. So how can IoT uncover vital clues from the ocean's depths? Clue- it involves seals!

How IoT is Saving Humanity: Part 1

Forget about IoT’s poster child- the connected fridge; this technology's importance goes far beyond remembering to order milk. In this blog series, we explore how current IoT projects worldwide are combatting climate change & saving humanity.

Live @ Mobile World Congress 2015

It's the time of year again where all the movers and shakers in mobile head to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2015. Our very own MD Joo Teoh has been reporting live from the Catalan sunshine for the Drum. Check out his latest reports

B2B Marketing Predictions 2015

Mobile will be at the core of an increasing number of human interactions in 2015. From wearables to nearables to the internet of things, check out our CEO's opinion alongside other industry leaders in B2BMarketing.  

How Well Do You Know Millennials?

Millennials are the customer of the future, but how well do you know them? Challenge your knowledge, preconceptions and prejudices in our latest quiz

Apppli Speaks at FT Innovate Event

We are thrilled to have spoken at the Financial Times Innovate Event last week. Our MD, Joo Teoh, stole the show on Thursday morning by leading a thought-provoking presentation on the customer of the future.

Motherhood and Technology

What it means to be a Mum with a Mobile Device (Part 1)

If you don’t yet know how much technology has impacted your life, wait until you have a child!

Technology & Learning-Part 2

Technology in the Classroom

Some of our examples of how technology is already affecting learning and how this may develop in the future

Technology and Learning!

Has technology affected how we learn?

When I think back to when I was growing up and having to learn something new, revise for exams or research for school projects I used to have to open an encyclopedia!

Android Developers – HIRING!

Android Developers Needed! We are in need of some Android developers - Can you help us? We are a fast moving, dynamic software development and digital marketing firm based in London.

The Death of Native Advertising?

What exactly is 'native'?

Mashable's CRO has called for a ban of the term 'native' in advertising. Is this the death of 'native' advertising? And what does this mean for mobile?

weBeacon at Wikimania 2014

Takeoff! Last week, Wikimania Festival 2014 saw over 2000 hacks, editors, contributors and fans from all over the world come together at the Barbican Centre for a two-day hackathon, and three days of talks and workshops.

Get Lost – With Mobiles!

Oi! Get Lost...please.

You never know you might like it. Think about it, when was the last time you got properly lost? Can't remember? We can't get lost anymore. Thanks mobiles!

‘Appy Holidays – Part 2

A few apps to help you make the most of your holiday.

Here are a select range of apps that could make your holiday extra special!

‘Appy Holidays – Part 1

Here are the only things you will need to prepare for your holiday! The holiday season is upon us, HOORAY. However high can leave some of us feeling a little baffled. Here are the apps to help sooth the pain!

Joo Teoh Joins our Growing Team

Welcome to Joo!

Teoh joins Apppli from OgilvyOne London where he was most recently Business Director on the American Express International business.

The Top 5 Questions about Glass

Google Glass Questions

We have been using glass for 1 week and these are the top questions we have been asked...

The Top 5 World Cup Apps this year!

Best World Cup 2014 Apps

OK, so the World Cup Final is here, it all boils down to this one game. But how do we keep up to date with the game if you are not at home. Let us help you out.

Brands Get Creative with Apps

Interactive Apps

Every brand has an app these days, so what makes the big players stand out and engage consumers? It's all about interaction, and we look at how two brands have embraced this in very innovative ways.

Cash in on Mobile in 2014

These days it seems every person you know has a great idea for an app, and they can talk all day about what the app will do and how unique it is. But when you ask them how the app will generate revenue, they generally don’t have much to say. This i...

What (the hell) is App with that?

WhatsApp's Valuation

After WhatsApp's staggering $19 billion valuation yesterday, industry expert Gokul Selvaraj examines how this happened to a simple messaging app and what this means for the future of tech.

Android-First Launch Strategy: The ...

The app industry dynamic is rapidly changing. A fact that marketers working on mobile strategies for brands or businesses in 2014 cannot ignore. Android now accounts for a huge 79% of the worldwide smartphone market, with over 1 billion device activa...

Apppli Up Close & Personal

An Intern's View

Ever wanted to know what it'd be like to intern at Apppli? Check out our latest intern Harry Smouha's account of what it's been like to work up close and personal with our London team...

Wearable Fitness Trackers

Tried & Tested

Want to eat better, work less and exercise more? Who doesn't. We've tried and tested the 3 most popular wearable fitness trackers to help you pick the best.

Apps that Make us Go Wow- Part 2

CityMapper- London Transport App

Every now and then an app comes along which is so fantastic that we question how we survived without it before. Find out why CityMapper has impressed us this week.

Apppli Partners with CIM

We’re excited to partner with the CIM on the development of their social media analysis app, Buzz. Available on iOS, Buzz empowers you to monitor your social media impact, influence and reach.

Data Privacy: Solved?

Online privacy is a huge and controversial topic, with players like Facebook and Instagram claiming rights to their users' content. A wave of recent apps claim to solve the data privacy issue, but do they really work? Here's what we think.

Should You Launch on Android First?

Android now accounts for 75% of the worldwide smartphone market. Despite this, iOS is still the favourite for businesses and developers alike. Check out our free industry white paper on why this might all be about to change in 2013.

Apps that Make Us Go Wow- Part 1

The August Smart Lock App

Of the million apps in the app stores, few treat your mobile phone as anything else but a social tool or a time wasting (even if fun) distraction. Find out why this app has impressed us this week.

Award-Winning App Development

We’re excited to announce that Apppli has been Officially Honoured as an industry-leading app development company at the 17th Annual Webby Awards.