Brands Get Creative with Apps

Apps are only set to get bigger, better and plug into a whole lot more of our day to day routines. Think about it, there are apps for everything from sleep trackers and calorie counters to music players and dating.  But with everyone and anyone building apps for mobile devices, brands are having to think a little differently about what the apps actually do.

App development seems to be getting more creative and the companies and brands behind them are seeking more user interaction rather than just providing information to the user.  These are two examples that have caught our eye:

1. Uni-Qlo – The Japanese clothing brand is launching a tee shirt builder app that allows users to design and print their own, personal tees.  The customer can then collect from store once printed and wear with pride knowing full well it is the only one in the universe.

2. McDonalds – The fast food superchain has taken mobile apps to the next level. In their latest project, you build your own virtual football arena from objects and things that we all use in everyday life. From this stage, using Smart Terrain technology aready inputted in iOS and Android devices, the objects can be placed on flat objects like a table or the floor, forming a playing area! You also get a 3D menu. Pretty crazy right?

Basically, what we once thought was (very) impressive on desktop computers and laptops has become even more so with the help of mobile devices.

What is next? We can all see that interaction is one of the best ways to help with brand loyalty. But what comes after this?

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