IoT World Champions 2015

We are thrilled to have both attended IoT World Europe 2015 in Berlin this week and also won its prestigious Hackathon- Best Solution for Industry 4.0. This whole year, our dedicated IoT department has been working on some very exciting proprietary IoT solutions revolving around the ‘smart home’, so it was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase some of these talents.

Competition was fierce at this year’s IoT World Hackathon with the opportunity to present to key industry figureheads such as Cisco, SigFox, Anarem and Broadcom. Our Co-Lead on our internal Internet of Things Workgroup, Ross Feehan, was challenged to create a novel solution to Industry 4.0 within 30 hours- starting at 9am on Tuesday with the final presentation and working demo at 3pm on Wednesday.

Armed with his chosen Anaren’s Bluetooth Smart Development kit (A20737A-MSDK1), Ross quickly rose to the challenge and developed an innovative solution to a global food supply issue which he called Truck Sense. When 3pm rolled round, we then stood and delivered a ten minute presentation to the industry figureheads and exhibition attendees followed by a tense live demonstration.

The judging panel from Cisco, SigFox and Anaren then judged all entries based on their function, design, inter-operability, connection with the Internet of Things, and adherence to the challenge. And we were thrilled to hear that we won and our office now has another trophy on display.

This is just the start of an exciting development programme for IoT. We are now back from Berlin and working hard on more innovative IoT solutions and applications. The Internet of Things is already changing our world, improving people’s lives and solving global issues- and we are excited to be at the forefront of this.

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