‘Appy Holidays – Part 1

The holiday season is upon us, HOORAY. However this euphoric high can leave some of us feeling a little baffled. But why I hear you ask, many a man has forgotten his underwear or the city guide thanks to the panic packing. Luckily I have a few that will keep you happy and make the holiday euphoria last until the flight home (although I cannot guarantee 30C weather and blue skies throughout your holiday).

Packing Guides

Packing is a nightmare. I hate it. It was so much easier when my mum did it for me. But I am a man now and so we/I must move on.

Packing List is an Android App that allows users to create lists of the items you require and simply tick them off once stuffed into the suitcase.  It really is as simple as that. Packing List is a great addition to your apps and could be a real life saver.

You make your list weeks/months before the packing begins and add to it as and when you remember things you need to bring.  It has a very simple and efficient UI, simple screens and plain colours, which is perfect when you are trying to find your sunglasses. (You don’t need to be baffled by a technical and complicated design!)

OK so to conclude, if packing is your holiday’s achilles heel then try this app. It is a simple way to ensure all of the items you want with you on your vacation make it into your suitcase.

Or why not use your trusty Evernote App, I use it daily for work, it functions very well and really can keep you on top of your to do lists. Just simply make a new list, give it a name and add to it as you would any other note based product.

But there could be a more creative solution, what about using Pinterest to pin holiday looks together? This perhaps is for the more fashion savvy man, but nevertheless a great place for inspiration and can help lose those ill fitting shorts.

City Guides and Maps

There are a few fantastic guides available online and in the App and Play stores. TimeOut and TripAdvisor are great places to start. They have a huge library of places to stay, interesting things to do and places to eat, all rated and reviewed.  You have access to maps and directions, but remember that if you are roaming while abroad you might get charged the earth by your provider.  Nevertheless they are well worth investing some of your pre-holiday time in, or even planning on a day by day basis. Most hotels, apartments and hostels today have free WiFi  which means you can research and plan the day’s activities over breakfast.

Here is my top tip. If you haven’t already been using Pocket, please download it now. Pocket is a multi device app that saves articles and links offline so you can read or interact even while in flight safe mode. This means you can save that Twitter link carrying the address of the hot new bar in Barcelona, or to the secret supper club in London in your Pocket and refer to it when you get there. Sound good? I’ve used it to research places to eat, sites to see and beaches to visit weeks before I leave on my holiday. I even use it for things not related to my holiday too…. but that’s another article….

Lets Get you to the Airport and back again!

OK the hard stuff is over, you have packed, shipped the dog off to your parents and now all you need to do is get to the airport.  Which, if you live where I do, is easier said than done!

There are so many choices now in the highly competitive app-based taxi market, but our favourites are the multinational Uber which you could even use while on holiday (in any of the 161 cities in 41 countries where Uber now operates!) and the latest taxi-sharing app Cab2Grab.

Uber allows you to book journeys via your mobile device and get a price there and then. Perfect for the early morning or late night flights where the tube just won’t cut it.  Whereas Cab2Grab is a taxi sharing app, which will keep the costs even lower. You select where you want to go and if others are heading in the same direction you can share the cab and the fare.

Once you are at the airport the holiday feeling can officially start, WAIT…have you got the boarding passes?!  Depending on who you are flying with there may be a boarding pass app.  I have used both British Airways and easyJet’s and they are fantastic. Both have plane trackers in and both store a digital copy of your boarding pass.  Which means, yes, you guessed it, you are totally ticketless and you cannot leave your boarding pass behind. Let the holiday begin!

I hope these things have helped you out, but let us know if you use other digital ways to organise your holiday plans.  Also keep an eye out for the next article, where I talk about apps for your holiday.  Happy Vacation!

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