EarthtoneeCommerce Web Development

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Earthtone is a provider of e-commerce solutions in the print and graphic arts industries. The founders approached Apppli with an idea to design a unified solution to the twin challenges of people who need to print on the go and printers looking for access to the new economy. They wanted an enterprise-grade e-commerce platform to connect 1000s of independent vendors and consumers.


We architected and developed a highly complex, robust and extensible e-commerce platform that allows Earthtone to aggregate thousands of vendors (including print service providers, hotels and business lounges – each with a complex and unique combination of services, pricing and delivery options) and provide each with a complete suite of tools to provide printing services via the internet.


  • Business Analysis & Market Research
  • System Architecture & Design
  • ASP & .NET
  • Complex Location & Product Search Algorithms
  • Payment Integration
  • Microsoft.Net Framework
  • SQL Server 2008