The Top 5 Questions about Glass

We have been using glass for 1 week and these are the top questions we have been asked…some of them are silly, like are you from Star Trek, while others actually are pretty well thought out.

We thought it would be a great idea to put the questions together and try and answer them all so that we are all on the same page and so that everyone has a solid understanding of what they are and what they do.

Question 1: Are you filming me?!

We Say: This was the most frequently asked question.  The short answer is no. But I think this goes deeper into the culture of London – the paranoia over privacy, and the knee-jerk reaction of thinking the worst of your fellow commuters.  What is driving this fear of technology? Wearable technology seems to be increasingly acceptable with NikeID and Jawbone etc. However, something as explicit as Google Glass seems to be nudging the boundaries of social comfort zones. Reactions like this suggest that designers of wearable tech will have to optimise the balance of functionality and inconspicuousness.

Question 2: What can you actually do with them?

We Say: Currently you can search, surf, text and navigate along with a handful of other things. The best part of Glass for me so far is the navigation, it really is very good. And its not very intensive, you simply need to flick your eyes. If you compare it to the functionality of many other mobile devices, there are really few things you can do right now, but in time, we are confident things will change.

Question 3: Are they comfortable?

We  Say: Yes, very. The only thing to note is the arm that carries the battery gets quite warm, not enough to cause you discomfort but warm enough that you can feel it.  They fit perfectly on your face and the glass adjusts really easily for most faces. (It’s a bit tricky if you wear glasses, the fit currently is a bit awkward!) What is exciting is the potential for the design to become more adventurous, and (we hope) more fashionable.

Question 4: Is it worth £1000?

We Say: For the personal geek factor, TOTALLY!!!! With my professional hat on, we are a mobile first agency and this represents are a huge step forward in the mobile world so we had to have a pair to try out and see what we thought.

Question 5: Are you from Star Trek?

We Say: No.

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