The Top 5 World Cup Apps this year!

OK, so the World Cup Final is here, it started with 32 countries taking part and 64 matches to be played, but now the final is upon us so how do football fans keep on top of the finale?

Here are the top five best apps (in our opinion) to keep you upto date and fully informed of everything world cup final related from breaking news to squad line ups.  This doesn’t mean we are in anyway responsible for the performance of your office sweepstake teams.

1. Sports Yapper

The App for social media and sports lovers. You can enjoy great banter with friends and fans of the teams you support, share photos and catch up on any score line.   The great thing about this is its not just for the world cup, the app dials in to other sports including Formula 1, rugby and tennis, so is perfect for those not just interested in world cup football.

It plugs into the leading social channels, Facebook and Twitter so you can invite and interact with the friends and followers you already have, lets just hope they support the same teams as you!

Available on Android and iPhone

2. LiveSoccer World Football Cup

Built for the hardcore fan, you get customizable push notifications and updates. From the teams of your choice.  You also get access to full text commentary and player and game information. For example you might want to know how Wayne Rooney is performing in a game in a couple of taps you will have your answer.

This app has a great UI and the user experience is brilliant. It is easy to use, all be it slightly more advanced than other apps mentioned, and the player information is just what is needed for the post game arguments in the pub over the number of corners and free kicks awarded.

Available Android.

3. Squawka

According to the App store description the app “is like having a mini Gary Neville in the palm of your hand” which can only be a good thing, right?  You get every goal pushed to your device, quicker than all the other competitors, which means you will be the all knowing fan and the one your friends come to for the scores.

Filled with stats and a fantastic interface, this app will not disappoint even the hardest of fans. You can set up a favourite team or player and get stats pulled about either directly to your device.  So you can physically see how many shots Argentina have had on target…

Available on iPhone

4. BBC Sport

The  BBC sport app is brilliant, keeps you to to date with the latest news and goings on. You can set up match alerts and get lineups, kick off, goals, and half and full time scores straight to your mobile. Simple, you just  wait and the results come straight to you.

The BBC has created this app well, the app gives you exactly what you want, the facts and figures of each game. No more no less.

Available on Android and iPhone

5. ITV Player

So you have been roped into the office on a Sunday or maybe you just want to watch game in bed (who can blame you England are out!) then  the ITV app is the one for you. You can live stream all the games straight to your mobile device, remember data charges apply if you are not connected to WiFi.

I know this app is a little different to the others mentioned but the live streaming aspect cannot be ignored, it works brilliantly, as long as you have internet signal…

Available on Android,  iPhone and Windows

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