Wearable Fitness Trackers

Want to eat better, work less and exercise more? Who doesn’t. But the liklihood is that, like most of us, you’ve probably tried and failed to maintain your health goals a million times over.

What is it about these sort of commitments that makes them so motivating to set, yet so hard to keep? Clearly, the vision of your better, fitter self is incredibly compelling. But with no instant rewards to accompany every day efforts, the motivation to keep up tends to wane and with it the ability to keep your eyes glued to the end goal.

We do however have great news when it comes to solving the fitness problem, a solution that only wearable tech has so far been able to solve. Devices such as Jawbone UP, Nike Fuelband or FitBit master the daily motivation challenge brilliantly and they do this either via a series of daily rewards or by creating sources of intrinsic motivation along the way.

Here is a list of what it is about these devices that make us stay active and eager for more:

Jawbone UP

· Sends you regular reminders of how close you are to reaching your daily goal

· Reminds you how long you’ve been sedentary at regular intervals.

· Logs every single activity you do and puts a wealth of priceless data at your disposal

Nike+ FuelBand

· The constantly visible progression lights on your band tell you how far you are from your goal

· Gives you the ability to set daily, weekly and monthly goals and monitor your progress at every moment

· You get cute victory videos you receive once you reach a milestone or a goal

FitBit Flex

· The blinking lights on the band tell you what percentage of your daily goal you’ve already reached

· Tracks calories and adjusts your daily intake based on the amount of exercise you do

· Integrates neatly with several running apps and calorie counting apps bringing all your health promoting activities into one

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