White Papers

Cash in on Mobile in 2015

Monetising on mobile is a relatively new business. It can be difficult to identify the best revenue opportunities for you, let alone create a strategy to optimise these opportunities. In this indepth whitepaper, we analyse all of the mobile monetisation options available today to help inform your decision and help you monetise your mobile business.

Android-First Launch
How iBeacons Can Transform Your Business: Part 1

Apple’s iBeacon claims to ‘open a new world of possibilities for location awareness.’ But what exactly are the opportunities for business? And how does iBeacon differ from existing location based solutions such as GPS? In the first white paper of our iBeacon series, we get back to basics and explore what iBeacons are, how they work, and how they can benefit you.

Android-First Launch
Android-First Launch Strategy: The Facts

Android now accounts for 85% of the worldwide smartphone market, with over 750 million device activations, 800,000 apps and 25 billion app downloads to date. Despite this, iOS is still the platform of choice for the majority of developers. But is that about to change? This paper discusses the benefits of launching on Android first for developers and startups in 2015.

TV Apps
TV Apps – Challenges and Opportunities

Hailed as the next big technological phenomenon, Connected TVs are expected to bring snazzy apps and cutting-edge functionality directly to consumers. But not much has been discussed about the challenges that entrepreneurs, developers and businesses alike have to overcome to enjoy success in this nascent market. This paper is a brief introduction to the opportunities and challenges posed by Connected TV apps.

Multi-Platform Apps: HTML5 or Native?

Want to build a multi-platform app? Learn about how the advent of HTML5 may make web apps a better alternative to individual native apps.Written from an app development perspective, this whitepaper outlines the key differences between HTML5 and native apps to help you choose the best approach to building a multi-platform app.

How to Choose Your App's Ecosystem
How to Choose Your App’s Ecosystem

Unsure which platform to develop on? You must first consider your choice of ecosystem. Understood as a working combination of device, operating system and delivery environment, ecosystem choice has been complicated recently by the increase in advanced mobile devices, tablets and new operating systems. This whitepaper will help you identify the most suitable environment for your mobile application.

The Essentials of Mobile App Marketing

Want a #1 App? In a market estimated to be worth $25bn by 2015, standing out amongst the 500,000+ apps is challenging and requires a clear app marketing strategy with precise execution. Having reached 100,000s of downloads for our clients, Apppli’s marketing experts share their app marketing essentials in this whitepaper.